Peter R. Bono
Activities and Interests




Peter's interests include international travel, classical music, "oldies-but-goodies," and reading.
However, his chief hobby is bird watching.

As of January 14, 2018:

You may select from the following to see a sampling of his photos and to download his trip reports. Not all the sets of photos are available--these are marked with an asterisk. The trip reports are in HTML format and may be printed after viewing.

Alaska 2007 Photos

2007 Alaska Trip Report

Argentina 1989 Photos*

Argentina Report covering trips in 1989 & 2003

Argentina 2003 Photos

2003 Argentina Trip Report

Australia Photos

Australia Report covering trips in 1986 & 1999

Brazil Photos

1989 Brazil Trip Report

Brazil (Northeast) Photos

2000 Northeast Brazil Trip Report

Brazil (Southeast) Photos

2003 Southeast Brazil Trip Report

Brazil (Rio Negro Paradise) Photos

2011 Brazil (Rio Negro Paradise) Trip Report

Chile 2003 Photos

2003 Chile Trip Report

Colombia 2011 Photos

2011 Colombia Trip Report

Costa Rica Photos

Costa Rica Report covering trips in 1997 & 1998

Dominican Republic 2007 Photos

2007 Dominican Republic Report

Ecuador Photos

1995 Ecuador Trip Report

East Falkland Island Photos

2003 East Falkland Island Trip Report

French Polynesia Photos

2009 French Polynesia including Pacific Princess Cruise

Ghana 2013 Photos

2013 Ghana Trip Report

Greece Photos

Greece Report covering trips in 1990, 2000, & 2008

Hong Kong and South China Photos

1994 Hong Kong and South China Trip Report

India Photos

1988 India Trip Report

India Birds & Animals

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Japan Photos

1990 Japan Trip Report

Kenya Photos

1991 Kenya Trip Report

Madagascar Photos

1998 Madagascar Trip Report

Malaysia and Borneo Photos

1997 Malaysia and Borneo Trip Report

Mexico Photos

Mexico Report covering trips in 1995 & 1998

Mexico 2007 Photos*

Mexico 2007: Acapulco to Mexico City

Mexico (Yucatan) 2009 Photos

Mexico 2009: Yucatan Peninsula

Mexico (Oaxaca, Chiapas, Veracruz) 2009 Photos

Mexico 2009: Southern Mexico (Oaxaca, Chiapas, Veracruz)

New Zealand Photos

1986 New Zealand Trip Report

Papua New Guinea Photos

1999 Papua New Guinea Trip Report

Philippines Photos

2001 Philippines Trip Report

Peru (Central & Northern Images)

2002 Central & Northern Peru Trip Report (combined)

Peru (Central Images Only)

2002 Central Peru Trip Report Only

Video of Solitary Eagle in flight

Birding the Lima Coast and Central Highway (Narrative)

Peru (Northern Images Only)

2002 Northern Peru Trip Report Only

Southeast Peru (Slideshow)

2008 SE Peru (Manu Biosphere) Trip Report

Singapore Photos

2001 Singapore Trip Report

South Africa/Lesotho Photos

2013 South Africa/Lesotho Trip Report

Southern Oceans Pelagic Photos

Southern Cone Photos*

2003 Southern Cone Trip Report

Spain Photos

Spain Report covering trips in 1993 & 1996

Thailand 2006 Photos

2006 Thailand Trip Report

Trinidad & Tobago Photos

1995 Trinidad & Tobago Trip Report

Uruguay 2003 Photos*

2003 Uruguay Trip Report

Western Caribbean 2005 Photos*

2005 Western Caribbean Trip Report