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Supplier of CTS/MetaCheckTM,
a software tool that verifies compliance of
Computer Graphics Metafiles (CGMs)
to the ISO and ANSI standards (ISO 8632).

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MetaTrans – Convert your legacy ATA profile CGMs to S1000D issue 2.3 CGMs

MetaTrans is a new program written to convert legacy ATA profile CGM files into conforming S1000D issue 2.3 CGM files. 
The XML companion files are also converted in synchrony with the CGM files.

There are several parts to the MetaTrans program:


There is a one-time cost to license MetaTrans.  There are two components to the cost:


Please contact us by phone, fax, or email to discuss the particulars of your situation and needs.


MetaTrans, like MetaCheck, runs from the operating system command line, so it is suitable for incorporating into large batch (scripted) conversion runs.  MetaTrans returns an error code that reports on 26 different errors that might be encountered during the conversion process, so you have fine control over the progression of the conversion process.

There is a rich set of command line options that allow you to tailor the conversion process for your needs, including the ability to specify the name of the metafile (ICN) that is one of the requirements of the S1000D2.3 profile.

MetaTrans can be programmed to remove or change identifying text (e.g., file names or company identification) within the CGMs themselves during the conversion process.

MetaTrans runs on the Windows, Linux, and Solaris operating systems.